Importers & Distributors of Fine Wines
A.I.S. Classic Imports
A.I.S. Classic Imports, Ltd is the fruit of more than 30 years of searching Spain looking for the best valued wines and gourmet specialty products from the best regions in the country, and selecting the best products from their farms, in order to offer the best reasonable prices. Our company is the continuation of a Consortium formed in the City of New York in 1978, and was established as a Florida Corporation in the State of Florida in 1991. My background started in Spain, as a shipping agent first, and then after as a sales export representative of a Group of Wineries.   For myself, there have been many years of happiness and lots of fun putting together a portfolio that allows me to travel from one continent to the other, listening to the demand of the consumers and sharing their experiences, watching the evolution of the markets, and finally discovering what the consumers want. While visiting the country Coast to Coast from my Madison Avenue Office in midtown Manhattan in New York City to L.A. and San Francisco, Miami to Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico, Dallas to Washington D.C., New England to Chicago, and the Caribbean islands, especially the cities of San Juan and Santo Domingo. I observed that the Spain was always present and certainly the people were very receptive to try its products. I though that perhaps it would be a good idea to make the dream a reality. Today 32 years after the dream come through and still going on in these difficult times. I remember the first years of hard work when I was almost a lone star trying to sell Riojas and Sherries and also wines from La Mancha in the City of New York, firs, and later on a national basis, East and West Coast that I had to compete with bartenders not jus to try to sell then something but not to put ice in my wines. Even thought in Spain searching all the wines areas around the country, as in “Ribera del Duero” that was totally unknown to the majority of the people, except a few wine connoisseurs and some enthusiasts   of the “Vega Sicilia” wines, looking for valuable wines and products capable of satisfying the demand of the average American consumer, and as the years were passing by, seeing the evolution of the markets and the wines. There was a different map for good sake in my own understanding as today we can say that, both producers and consumers have undergone a big step forward. The results: over 100 brands developed and created under our umbrella, a large list of clients and friends, as well as professional trained personnel, which over the years have, became the best asset of the continuation, and the creation of a unique portfolio of good quality-products available in this country for wholesale or retail depending on markets, ranging from the remarkable awarded Federico Paternina family wines to a selection of an international wines and food quality products.   Furthermore, being the U.S one of the largest and most reputable markets in the world, and Spain -the third largest wine producer of wines- our specialty, our goal was transmitting and sharing this culture of enjoying the pleasure of contemplating the beauty, consuming local foods, and sharing their traditions in numerous local holidays, another ingredient of our program as I believe is the enthusiast passion of each product and region. My goal is to provide you the product with the same enthusiast that proved to me be success, another excellent product, the most and respected producer, professional trained people, quick service and a packet of sales incentives and field assistance for most of the markets, working hand to hand in conjunction with the distributors. Our company’s goal is to keep me in office for a few more years providing that I keep my word with our customers and suppliers and achieve the best results for all, and in addition, Our company does not sit to way for results from our clients rathermore always get involved in “distribution” on the field in order to help our distributors to allocate our products. In the meantime, I’d like to welcome you to our house, and please be sure you sample our products. I promise you won’t regret it. Salud y Buen Provecho! Rafael Campos President.